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Air Tokyo

Let's throwback to this time last year.

One night I was at home browsing online for new clothes or inspiration for new ways to dress clothing items, in particular a new bomber jacket. At the time I think bomber jackets were in and so I was on the hunt for something more than just your average bomber, my leather jacket 
(which I wore almost everyday since 2009) was also coming to a end so a jacket upgrade was needed. After a long night of aimless browsing I stumbled upon the ultimate hype beast bomber called the "Air Tokyo Bomber". I was in love and also keen for pay day so I could buy this. Two days later I was telling my partner about this wonderful new jacket and to my surprise he bought it for me that same night.

When he bought this bomber he liked it so much he bought one for himself too. My size was a mens small but the tag said L and my partner bought a mens large but his tag said XL. A few weeks later it came in the mail and mine fitted perfectly but unfortunately his was a little small. If you know me this jacket has easily become my favourite jacket of all time but my poor boyfriend had to send his back and get the next size up which took ages to send away and get back, he eventually got the biggest size available back where the tag said XXL but never got a chance to wear it because I was wearing mine too much (whoops).

A whole year has passed and for me this jacket has been though thick and thin, it's been through crazy nights out, music festivals and even Japan. People comment on it all the time and I have grown to love this jacket so much. In the year thats passed i've also built up quite the jacket collection so now i've been rotating between multiple jackets instead of wearing this one, which now brings me to today.

Today I decided to get ramen in the city and look for a new point and shoot film camera however the weather was being unpredictable. My partner decided today was the day, this was it, he was going to bust out his bomber and it was going to look great. He takes the tag off and puts it on but you know what things change in a year. His hard work at the gym has paid off, which is great and i'm really proud, but now the bomber is too small for him and sits too high. Not knowing what to do with the jacket anymore he decided to give it to me which I feel really bad about it but now I have two sizes of the same jacket - one for everyday and another for layering like the photo above.

It's funny how the clothes I wear have these grand stories behind them but I think to me thats what makes them special. Starci I am so sorry this doesn't fit you (damn tiny sizing!) but your kindness never ceases to amaze me and we will find your perfect bomber I promise.
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Typical Tuesday

Tuesday is the one day per week i'm guaranteed off work to go to Japanese lessons. It's also the one day of the week where I get to have a little fun and make the most of the time I have before and after class.

It's also the one day where I get to play around with fun outfits and put a little effort into how I look from fun eyeshadow colours to funky clothing items because I actually have time in the morning haha! If in the future outfit posts end up Tuesdays you now know why.

On a typical day i'd normally be sleeping in and making my signature avocado on toast whilst watching Naruto. Today however my partner and I decided to check out a great brunch spot called Higher Ground on Little Bourke St. If you haven't been here before I highly recommend it, especially because they have so many good dishes to choose from and make a wonderful Dirty Chai! The architecture inside is so stunning and has such a modern feel to it.

 (Pictured above: Kale and Cauliflower Salad, Miso, Almond Hummus, Avocado, Poached Eggs, Salted Seeds)

After brunch we decided to do our normal stroll around the city before class. Normally it would include going to pop culture stores, places we may need to buy something from and also a stop at a asian supermarket to have our weeks Boss Canned Coffee!!

Today's outfit was a simple one although one of my favourite pair of shoes lately have definitely been my converse x comme des garçons shoes I picked up on my birthday. For some reason I went into the store wanting one thing and came out with these instead but they were limited so I couldn't refuse, I even got two free perfume samples that are still lasting me so I can't complain at all!

I'm going to be honest, after Japanese Class I always end up feeling confused, lost and unsure if learning a second language is something i'll properly achieve. Learning a second language can be tricky, especially Japanese, but I haven't quit yet which must mean i'm doing something right.

Typically after class if I haven't made plans to catch up with friends I spend the rest of the day watching anime and chilling out before another day of work.

You're probably wondering - why is Elysa making a post about Tuesday? For me each Tuesday means i'm one step closer towards reaching my goal, it's also the one day of the week that gives me constant motivation to work towards a happier future. I'm sure when I reach my goal i'll read through these old posts and laugh but for now the most I can do is try nail Hiragana and hope for the best.

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World Gone Mad

I'm going to be honest here - I have no idea where my growing obsession with BAPE came from.

Many years ago I used to see the shark hoodie everywhere and always wondered where it was from and the brand name. On my first trip to Japan I was trying to find an Apple Store (for free wifi of corse), got lost in some random outside mall and then stumbled upon A Bathing Ape in Shibuya. It was one of those moments where I didn't regret getting lost at all even though the reason I needed free wifi was to download maps to get somewhere else haha! I'm starting to realise now 2013 Elysa was a hot mess.

My first thought was "they have an entire rainbow lit floor with shoes thats AMAZING" and then I ventured into the store and realised at the time perhaps i'll save some money and return. Instead I was like "if I can't buy anything may as well take some photos to document it"

(seriously though how cool is this floor!?)

Fast forward to today I can't stay off their website and it's a problem because i'm going back to Japan in August and I have no self control. I even bought this damn face mask purely to have a BAPE ascetic who am I. I've even rubbed my obsession onto my boyfriend and other friends copping BAPE stuff in Japan as we speak AAHHHH!

Okay i'm going to stop here, if you made it through this rant congratulations! 

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Recap // Byron Bay

Earlier in Jan I had the chance to stay up in Byron Bay for just over a week which was a much needed getaway to start the year.

I didn't know what to quite expect because every time I told someone I was going for the first time their reaction was "YOU'VE NEVER BEEN!? HOW!?". People also told me it was their favourite place in Australia which set my expectations pretty high, mind you i've only really been to Sydney so I don't have much to compare to haha!

For the time I was there I managed to see a lot of places such as Main Beach, Killen Falls and Cape Byron Lighthouse to name a few. Even though the trip was short it was extremely relaxing and rejuvenating.

You're probably thinking - why is she only writing about this now? Well! I took a bunch of short videos on a Go Pro that I forgot about until about a week ago and figured why not see whats there and make a short video with what i've got! Below is a tiny recap of my trip and it's quite a simple edit but I hope you enjoy watching it. (link: )


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It's always fun when we hang out as a trio, even better when we take snaps together.

[ instagram : ]

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