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My Latest Obsession...

Let's real talk for a bit. Not everyone knows this about me but i've always had a low-key obsession with designer brands. I think it all started from when I was a kid. Mum would always drag me out to go shopping with her every boxing day to places like Versace and Gucci because she would spend all her saved money on random staple items. 7 year old me never cared and would always question why Mum spent such large amounts on designer pieces however 17 years later and i'm literally doing the same thing. ARGH!

All year i've been stalking and dreaming about owning two Gucci items - a GG Buckle Belt and a pair of Princetown Loafers. I nearly splurged around my birthday but at the time I couldn't justify the price tag and then forgot about them until Japan happened.

I don't know about you but sometimes when i'm on holiday shopping away I tend to have no filter, tell myself "ahhhh screw it i'm on holiday TREAT YO' SELF!" and worry about the repercussions later. Thats how owning the belt happened. I initially was supposed to be out developing two rolls of film from the trip and Gucci conveniently happened to be next to where I was going... 

As for the shoes one week later after being back I had a rough day at Jap Class and spontaneously went home with these shoes? They were the last pair in my size so it was meant to be in my opinion haha! Every time I wear these shoes I can't help but stare at my feet in awe but always fear a little considering they're now the most expensive shoes I own.

Lets just say i'm so done with buying any clothing items for now. This time I really mean it too.

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Pink Vibin'

IT'S BEEN A WHILE HEY! My last post from what I can see was a month and a half ago and thats crazy, since then so much has been going on with me I don't even know where to begin! Life somehow got the best of me and then Japan happened and now it's the first day of spring!? HUH!?

So as I said earlier recently I had a trip to Japan and my aim was to come back with a whole new wardrobe. I figured an outfit post was quite fitting because despite the shoes and tights every piece worn here was from Japan! I've somehow also become super obsessed with the colour pink?? I bought a pink jacket, pink cap, pink sunnies, pink beanie!? Pink is now my new obsession hahaha! Aside from the colour pink I bought a lot of other pieces I can't wait to style, I also can't wait for more sunny days I was over winter a while ago.

There are so many things I want to share about my third time to Japan so there will be some posts coming up in the future, now that i'm back into the swing of things again watch this space for more!

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B // W

If theres one thing I love it's when I stumble across random things in the city and thinking "wait what how when?!". Pretty random sentence to start this post with but it'll make sense as you read on haha.

Last Tuesday was like any other ordinary Tuesday where I went to Japanese Class, took some outfit photos which was featured in last weeks post, went out for ramen and then I got completely sidetracked when I was supposed to be going home.

In QV Square I walked past this random warehouse sale that was happening in a gallery space of all things with brands such as Undefeated and Carhartt so we thought i'd check it out. I rumble through piles of clothes and find this Carhartt shirt i'm wearing that was discounted to $20!! Despite being a mens shirt I thought the pattern is too nice to leave behind and would look cool as a dress.

As I keep pushing around people with piles of clothes I decided to be good and not get anything else because in my head i'm thinking "look i'm probably going to buy a whole new wardrobe in Japan soon" and head over to the counter where I then see this adorable bucket hat and have a mini freak out because BAPE! The bucket hat was half price and normally i'm not impulsive but this hat had my name all over it so I couldn't leave it behind. Speaking of impulsive I somehow stayed up for the new ASSC drop and impulsively bought a college coach jacket so whoops. The way I see it the bucket hat and coach jacket were my two top things clothing wise I wanted to get in Japan and now that I have both everything else will be a luxury!

Fast forward to a week and we have this outfit! I would have loved to style the shirt with fishnet stockings but I get cold far too quickly so for today I just paired it with regular stockings. Don't be fooled by the sun because we're still in the middle on winter!

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3 ストライプ の ブランド

I'm going to be real here for a minute - Adidas have been SLAYING their originals range lately! If you know me well you'd know i've always been a Nike girl. I have so many air maxes, theas, roshe runs - you name it! I even worked at Nike for a few years whilst at uni which was lucky and super fun!

Lately however i've seen a shift on what seems to be more popular and all over instagram, facebook and with friends at work i've seen adidas shoes everywhere. After thinking about it for a while I caved in and got a pair of NMD_R2's. I didn't realise how COMFY they were MY GOSH! The sole is amazing and aside from the lovely minimalistic look. If the shoes don't make my feet hurt for 8+ hours then they easily become a staple in my collection.

After wearing them consistently for a month I thought they were so good I was itching to buy a second pair so I then found the shoes i'm wearing above called the City Socks! If I thought the NMD_R2 shoes were the bees knees I was in for a real treat with this pair. They have no laces and are so easy to slip on and off, being black with a fuscha pink detail they seem to go with everything I own whilst adding a lovely touch to my outfits which makes me a happy girl. I also bought the Tokyo Long Sleeve top because buying them online I tried squeezing everything I wanted into one shipment seeing as I don't shop online often or really at all (I call myself the queen of recycling haha!)

It was mid raining when taking these snaps so you may notice some drops on me but ah well it's just water haha!! Let the long sleeve obsession continue!

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As promised I told myself I was going to post more often on Tuesdays so here I am kicking things off with an outfit post! Despite this outfit being simple, like most of my outfits, i've always been more about comfort and practicality.

Anti Social Social Club to me is one of those fascinating hype brands that somehow made it big over one simple logo - kudos to them! I didn't even realise how popular they were until I stumbled upon a shop in the city and bought this top. I knew of the brand briefly but really liked the comfort of this top and being winter i've been more into long sleeves. Later that day when I researched the brand more apparently it took them a few months to ship out their SS17 collection which sold out super fast. I think they make to order? I'm a fan of their products but perhaps they have such a demand it's hard to keep up which is understandable.

Also today before class I got to try Tim Ho Wan which is a dumpling place on Bourke St! I would have done a full review however we didn't order too many dishes and I ate too quickly before taking photos because I was so hungry, whoops. Normally every time I walk past there is a line that goes on forever but today we got lucky and snagged a table right away! We had the BBQ Pork Buns, Pan Fried Pork Dumplings and Golden Tofu dish.

This was definitely a good feed before Japanese class and not too expensive either, i'll definitely be going back again!

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